June 8, 2013

Follow Me...

Back when I first starting creating art (with the hopes of other people liking & buying it!), I had absolutely NO idea that achieving my hoped-for goal of being a little art biz involved anything more than simply making art that I loved & "putting it out there" on the internet for others to love too!.... Really, what's so complicated about that?!

You see, I had a "If you build it, they will come" kinda mindset (thanks to the movie, Field of Dreams for the perfect phrase to describe my thinking!). I soon found out that I had a LOT of learning to do! It just wasn't as simple & easy as that!

Along with nurturing my art skills along (read here... mostly trial & error!), there was a whole GINORMOUS, always-changing world of Social Media to get a handle on. Sheesh!... Who'da thought??? Not me, that's for sure!

So... being a natural researcher & a great lover of learning new things, I happily dove into the process of coming up-to-speed on all things Social Media... blog writing, & facebook posting, & image sharing on flickr & Pinterest, & arty newsletters (Oh My!!). I have to admit, I never really got the "hang" of Twitter (...what do all those hashtags mean, anyway?).

But recently, I found myself "hitting the wall." I felt I just couldn't "push myself out there" anymore. Having an online presence had ended up feeling like a huge burden to me (especially as the BIG Introvert I am!). After all, what I really wanted to do was to authentically be myself & MAKE ART!! So, I backed away from my beloved computer & quietly hid myself in my studio to regroup for a while.

And I'm still in that regrouping process... Mostly, I've been trying to simplify (goodbye Twitter!). I'm trying to listen to my own heart. I'm trying to get in touch with what nurtures me & what drains me. And then, I'm trying to ignore what everyone else out there in cyberspace is doing.... and what all the current advice is saying... and simply show up with my art when I'm able to & be myself.

I know this may be "wrong thinking" to many art business owners' ears... but for me, I need to follow my own arty path. I need to feel free to be HAPPY both in making & promoting my artwork.

** ps ~ I would be DELIGHTED if you'd like to follow me anywhere my art is found! There are links to my Facebook Page here on my blog, as well as to my Shops &  Pinterest collections. I hope you LOVE what I create!... I certainly LOVE creating it for you to enjoy!  :)