August 24, 2013

Back To DigiStamps!!

It's Back to School time again already (really, where did the summertime go???). I seem to have done a lot of non-blogging over the summer... but heh, who's keeping count anyway? Not me... though I must admit it feels good to be tapping away at my keyboard again this morning. I do love to write!  :)

Over the last month or so, I have had a BIG change of heart... and I've decided to reopen the PholkartStudio Etsy Shop with my digital stamps for paper crafting. Yup, I know!... It surprised me too!!

After I realized that creating original art & offering it on Etsy was just NOT going to work with our current life stage (traveling often to care for an elderly parent in a rural setting), I put my shop on vacation so I could re-think my "Art Plan". And what I discovered was, when it came right down to it, I was enjoying learning new things on Zazzle, but I really missed the sense of community I feel on Etsy.

I had basically dismissed the idea of ever again offering digistamps (yes, a little extreme of me, but I tend to be a bit "all or nothing.") Since the last time I offered digistamps though, Etsy has added an instant digital download service... pretty nifty-neato!  :)  No more emailing digital files to customers by the seller... It's now instant & automatic! I know you're gonna LOVE it!!

So... I decided to put a few of my digistamps in the PholkartStudio Etsy Shop. And then I put a few more in there too...

...and in no time at all, I had filled up the 'shelves' in the PholkartStudio shop & was brainstorming what fun designs I'd create next!