May 13, 2013

Daily Doodle: Today's Grocery List

Back when I first got interested in art, I had an arty friend who taught a mini-class on handlettering. Her advice to us... practice, practice, and keep on practicing! "Letter your grocery lists!" she told us... and that advice has stayed with me all these years!

So today, when I looked at the chicken scrawl on my hurriedly written list, I decided to have some fun & illustrate my list on a regular old 3x5 card. I had bought a bunch of 3x5's when I last got inspired to try some Daily Doodles (my little practice, "don't take yourself too seriously" sketches). I probably spent an hour this afternoon on this silly drawing... listening to music & just plain havin' fun!

Here's a close-up of my list... slightly wonky & totally spontaneous. Simply great art therapy for a normal Monday afternoon!


Stef H said...

fun, fabulous and VERY creative. my list would look like this....

dog food.... $$$$$

poor house... THERE!


hugs :)

Patti Moore said...

I hear ya, Stef!... It all costs $$$$! Dog food was on my grocery list last week... a SUPER-sized bag of it! Just think of how much $$$$ we could save if we just stopped eating!... LOL!!

So glad to "see" you friend!... Thanks for dropping by my blog today! :)