January 23, 2015

Still Doodling...

I'm still doodling over here... and thought I'd share a few of my favorites from my January 'Draw Everyday' Challenge (which has turned out to be the 'Draw As Often As You Can & Have Fun Doing It' Challenge!). I abandoned the idea of numbering each card I drew... but I've kept the same freehand border & stay in it only when I want to. That's what happens when you make up the rules as you go along!

So, while the crockpot is simmering & the dryer is humming & the coffee is hot, here I go sharing a few designs that I like... in no particular order.

'Love One Another'

'Whimsical Flowers'

'Rainy Day'

(Hmmm!... I think I'm noticing a weather theme here.)

...and because I love drawing children, a couple more 'kid-themed' designs doodled their way out of my pencil too.

'Future Engineer'

'Amanda Loves Books'

I have to say, I really have enjoyed doodling these little challenge cards... they've been just the jump-start my creativity has needed.

So, maybe I'll keep on doodling some more...


Stef H said...

hey stranger! so glad to see you're still doing some great things!
hope you are well. things good here. aches and pains, but good otherwise.

wishing you a wonderful 2015.
let's not be strangers!

big hugs :)

Patti Moore said...

Hi there Stef...

So good to hear from you! :) Hope you're having fun crafting while keeping warm & snug during the wintery weather.

Big hugs to you too!... Take care! :)

Lawren said...

These are adorable, Patti!

Patti Moore said...

Awww!... Thank you so much Lawren! :)

Jenn said...

Love the new blog look, Patti and you have stuck to the daily doodle MUCH better than I have. Remember how excited I was to do this eveyday, yeah....you, my friend keep inspiring me to keep at it. Love your fun drawings, always so cheerful!

Patti Moore said...

Thanks for the 'thumbs up!' on my new blog design Jenn! :) After lots of years with my lil' mermaid, I thought it was time for a new look & a new pic of the middle aged artist 'me' that I am now. ;)

I love sharing the daily doodles we create!... and hope that we can keep encouraging each other to draw just for fun! :)