March 9, 2013


Recently, my husband & I took a very rainy trip up to see his mom, where she lives on the family farm. I took this picture of the light in our bedroom window... Somehow, the warm light seemed especially inviting on that cold, rainy evening!

In some ways, life at the farm is still untouched by time. Things are the way they always have been... well, not really! But the pace of life is definitely slower & it's not hard at all to feel closer to Mother Nature with all her moods & beauty.

One thing that is definitely missing there... The internet has not found its' way to the farm (nor do I expect it to get there for a very long time!). Even our cell phones struggle to keep from dropping their calls!  ;)

And so, I've come to find that the farm can be the perfect place to snuggle up with a cup of tea, enjoy the quietness, & doodle in my sketchbook without distraction.

Here are some recent "Farm Doodles"... Just having fun with some autumn themes. The "Peace Dove" sketch will no doubt become a Christmas card design in the months to come...

I'm looking forward to watching as these simple sketches become little pieces of colorful art!... It still feels like a magical process to me!  :)

Farm Doodles © Patti Moore


bee'nme said...

Sometimes a quiet, uncomplicated place like the farm (lakehouse, beach cabin, park, picnic bench) is exactly what our creative souls crave. I think we starve ourselves of that too much, at least I know I do... So glad you got to enjoy being unplugged for a bit Patti...the benefits are already apparent in your sweet new design ideas!

Patti Moore said...

Becky, thank you so much for your sweet comment! :) ...I'm so sorry it's taken me this long to respond!

I agree that we end up starving ourselves for quiet, creative time! My studio is in my home... and I can find ten thousand things to do each day that keep me from giving my time to the creative process.

Having time at the farm away from all my normal distractions really is a good thing for me!

Now, many of those things are good... at our house, I'm the Queen of Laundry & the Grocery Shopper Extraordinaire! I love to serve my family in these ways!

By far the biggest distraction for me is my computer!... afterall, so many of my creative friends live in there! ;) I'm still very much in the process of learning to set good boundaries for myself so I don't allow my creative time & energy to be squeezed out of my days. Having quiet time at the farm is one good way for me to manage my life's normal distractions so I can concentrate on creating!