September 13, 2013

Autumn Days...


Without a doubt, Autumn is my favorite time of year!  :)  ...Time once again for pumpkins & chrysanthemums, colorful leaves & cooler temperatures. Time for apple crisp & handknit scarves & my favorite blue jeans. Time to light the first fire of the season in the fireplace & cozy up with a favorite book & a cup of hot tea. Time for farmer's markets & apple cider & long walks with the dog while enjoying the crispy crunch-crunch-crunch of the leaves underfoot. Time to watch the squirrels busily collect acorns, diligently storing them up for the cold winter months...

When my youngest son was in preschool, the highlight of Autumn was always visiting a nearby farm with his class for a hayride & the chance to pick-your-own-pumpkin... Nothing like searching through rows of orange goodness with the little one you love to find the perfect pumpkin!  ;)

Autumn's not quite here yet in North Carolina... Indian Summer days still linger on into September. The walnut tree out back is unceremoniously letting loose its' leaves & the temperatures continue to creep up into the 80's by mid-afternoon. But I am watching for the first signs of Autumn!... 

I am ready to celebrate its SPLENDOR!!

"Folk Art Pumpkin"


Cynthia Margaron said...

Fall is my favorite time as well. I love the changing colors. The candles burning in the house smelling so lovely. The need for a sweater.

Your pumpkin is adorable. As are all your digital stamps. I am so very happy you decided to make your digis available to us (me) again. You are truly blessed with the talent to draw.
Have a wonderful day!

Cynthia Margaron said...

Well fiddle faddle....I left a big long comment and when it had me sign in the comment was gone.

I love fall also. I love the changing color of the leaves. The smell of candles burning in the house. McIntosh apples....which you can only get in the fall. The need for a sweater.

Your pumpkin is adorable. As are all your digis. I am so pleased that you choice to make them available to us (me) again. Yes....a little greedy there. Sorry. You are blessed with the gift of being able to draw. What a wonderful talent.

Patti Moore said...

Hi Cynthia! :)

Thanks so much for BOTH of your sweet comments! Yes, your first comment came through, followed closely by your second one! ;)

How could I forget candles & cozy sweaters?... and really I had no idea that McIntosh apples are only available in the fall. Apple picking at an orchard would be a fun autumn thing to do too! :)

Happy Fall to You!!
~ Patti

Pauline said...

I'm thrilled to see you sharing your digi stamps again, Patti.... I so missed seeing new designs from your desk! I'm so glad that you've 'appeared' at this moment... I really need a boost in my mojo to be mucho creative again (long story)... you've put a smile on my face, and given me the poke that I need! I love all your designs, but your new ones are too sweet! I love the pumpkin. I love pumpkins... the taste, colour, everything about them! Even the shape... kinda like me! We're in early spring here in Australia, and we've had a delightful week of sunshine, and now we've a week of rain, with today being a London fog, as thick as pea soup!
hugs and blessings,

Patti Moore said...

Awww, Pauline!... Thanks so much for welcoming me back! I really appreciate your encouragement! And I hope that you'll get that creative boost you need!... Crafting is such a joy & adds so much to our everyday lives!

Happy Creating!!
~ Patti