October 5, 2013

So Very Thankful!

As so many of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To be honest, until recently that didn't have much meaning for me. At 57 years old, I had been blessed with good health & I was looking forward to enjoying middle age with my sweet husband, Joe. But all that suddenly changed for me...

The morning after my 'routine mammogram,' I got the phone call no woman ever wants to receive... "We want you to come back for a second screening. The radiologist found a problem on your X-ray."

So began several weeks of not knowing & waiting & trying not to think the worst. My husband & I prayed. We asked our family & friends for prayer. We believe the Lord wants us to bring our needs & our hearts before Him... and at the same time we believe, for better or for worse, God is in control.

I ended up needing to have a biopsy... and truthfully, I was afraid to go through that process almost as much as I feared learning about the test results. But the nurse & doctor who cared for me could not have been more compassionate. They listened to me & talked me through the entire procedure. I felt like I was treated as a person who mattered & not just another nameless patient... They helped put my heart at ease.

My story has a very HAPPY ending!... though now I know I could easily have received very different news.

And so today I am THANKFUL!...  Thankful for the love & support of my husband. Thankful for the prayerfulness of family & friends. Thankful for compassionate caregivers. And yes, thankful for the very good news I received... I don't take the gift of good health for granted any more.

Thank you Lord for caring for me in the midst of uncertainty & fear. Thank you for being my strength, my comfort, my rock. Thank you for your compassion & mercy on me. Please help me to remember that, no matter what I may face in this life, I can ALWAYS trust in You.


Cynthia Margaron said...

I am so glad that things went well for you. That is a very difficult/frightening place to find yourself in. Praise God that he felt you had not completed what he put you here to do yet. I am so glad to have met you, you are a beautiful person and bring happiness to my heart. Bless you.

Patti Moore said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment Cynthia... and for the encouragement & friendship you offer to me! :) I look forward to sharing our love for creativity & our mutual trust in God's goodness.


Ardilla said...

What a wonderful testimony of what the Lord can do for us... I am very happy your story is a good one but the best is to have that peace that only God can give when we trust in Him. Thank you for sharing it.
Ardilla :)

Patti Moore said...

I totally agree with you Ardilla... the BEST is experiencing the peace that comes from knowing the Lord is our loving Heavenly Father & He is taking care of us... no matter what.

Thank you so much for your encouraging comment!


Jennifer said...

Oh, Patti...I sooo miss you my friend! Been praying for you and SO happy to hear this great news! Love you bunches! xoxoxo

Patti Moore said...

I really miss you too Jennifer!!! :( Hoping & praying that you're finding JOY in the Lord & in all your creativity!! :) ...So very glad to call you my friend!

Many many thanks for your prayers & your love!!