February 12, 2015

I'm not usually a 'joiner' but...

...one of my online art friends recently let me know about a fun art challenge, and I've decided to jump in! It's called Doodle-a-Day (thanks to Etsy seller, Ello Lovey!). Every month, a new list of prompts is published for each day of the week. I thought this challenge went along well with my own personal mini-challenge. Kinda nice to have a prompt to get the old creative juices flowing!

Now obviously (what with life & all!)... I'm not going to be able to create a finished doodle each day of the month! But I decided to pick a few words from the list that jump out at me, doodle my little heart out, & post the finished doodle on my PholkartStudio facebook page. Knowing me, I probably won't be able to resist making these more than doodles. It's sort of like reading a good book... I want to know how it's going to come out in the end!

So, here's February's list if you'd like to play along too!...

My very first doodle was for Feb. 8th... ROBOT. I decided to stick with the size & the border I've been using for my own challenge... and this is what I came up with. Kinda reminds me of when I made a robot Halloween costume for my son... except his involved a whole lot of aluminum foil!

This little cutie was doodled on smooth #300 Bristol paper & inked with a Micron pen, Copics, Prismacolor markers & Prisma colored pencils.

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