February 26, 2015

Apples vs. Oranges

See Photo Credit Below

From time to time I can really get myself into a creative 'funk'!... and unfortunately, February has ended up being a very 'funky' month for me. As much as I love having access to so much arty inspiration & creative community online... if I'm not very very careful, I start comparing my abilities with other artists & end up feeling blechh about me! (...and yes, I'm sure that blechh must be a real word and not just something I'm making up!).

So... it was interesting that I stumbled on this quote yesterday:

"Comparison is the thief of joy."
- Theodore Roosevelt

Hmmmmm... Well, thank you Theodore... I really needed to hear that! In my mind, I know that this is true... but my heart forgets from time to time.

When it comes right down to it, I have a choice to make every time I enter my creative online community. I can hold my arty talents up against the talents of others and evaluate how I measure up... or I can choose to embrace joy by refusing to compare. Instead, I can appreciate how uniquely the Lord has made me while also appreciating & encouraging the giftedness of others.

Thank you Lord for reminding me once again to trust my thoughts, my talents & my heart to you.

photo credit: Apples & Oranges - They Don't Compare via photopin (license)


Judy Goddard said...

I, when I think about my own work and how it measures up to others, have lately learned to think about my personal relationship with the Lord in the light of His overwhelming affection for me.

He has told me how much He LOVES my work and how much He enjoys sitting with me while I make it. How can I compare my work to others unfavorably, knowing what Jesus thinks of it?

Judy Goddard said...

By the way....

I love you too! AndI think your artwork is adorable!

Alejandra Balanzario said...

Great post, I think you're doing very well, I don't miss any of your post on Facebook, I love you're art, don't compare your self with anybody else, you are unique.

Patti Moore said...

Thanks for your sweet comment Alejandra!... I really appreciate your encouragement! :) Most of the time this comparison thing doesn't bother me... but once in a while it pounces on me! It takes me a few days to dig myself out of the hole I've fallen into & remember that I am (and we all are!) uniquely created & gifted. :)

...but I do have to say that I'll be glad when Winter is passed & Spring is here to stay! This girl could use some sunshine & warm temps!